R.I.P. Carl Reiner

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Re: R.I.P. Carl Reiner

Postby danfrank » Wed Jul 01, 2020 10:12 pm

A television comedy giant. I’ve seen him do some interviews in recent years and he was always an absolute delight. He’s been one of those people that you felt good knowing that he was still around, partly for his politics, mostly for his great personality. There aren’t too many legends like him.

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Re: R.I.P. Carl Reiner

Postby Greg » Tue Jun 30, 2020 6:17 pm

The scene in Alan Brady's office, in the episode of the Dick Van Dyke Show where Laura blurts out that Brady is bald, is still one of the all-time-funniest pieces of TV comedy.
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Mister Tee
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Re: R.I.P. Carl Reiner

Postby Mister Tee » Tue Jun 30, 2020 2:27 pm

He would have so enjoyed Trump's defeat, I'm so sorry he didn't live to see it.

Forever he'll be Alan Brady to me -- the way he said "Shut up, Mel" to Richard Deacon makes me laugh just to remember. The Dick van Dyke Show was the great sophisticated comedy show of my early teen years, and Reiner as creator and performer was an essential cog. It was only later that I caught up to his formative years' work, both Your Show of Shows and of course The 2,000 Year Old Man. I lost my best friend ten years ago, and I know how Mel Brooks must feel today.

The movies were also often funny, if not classics. And his Twitter account, literally up to yesterday, was a constant treat.

98 is more than most of us will ever achieve, and yet it still feels he left us too soon. Godspeed.

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Re: R.I.P. Carl Reiner

Postby Sonic Youth » Tue Jun 30, 2020 10:54 am

May he cast that absentee ballot in heaven.
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Re: R.I.P. Carl Reiner

Postby Precious Doll » Tue Jun 30, 2020 8:56 am

A true legend.

Some of his films certainly gave and continue to give me a great deal of pleasure such as Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, The Man With Two Brains & All of Me. I only watched The Man With Two Brains again for the up-tenth time recently and it still sparkles with his crazy off-beat humour.
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R.I.P. Carl Reiner

Postby anonymous1980 » Tue Jun 30, 2020 8:38 am


Another major one gone. RIP.

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