Tonight's Presentation Schedule

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Tonight's Presentation Schedule

Postby Big Magilla » Sun Feb 26, 2012 5:41 am

The Award Schedule (all times Pacific)
■5:30 PM: Show starts, Billy Crystal's opening number
■5:40 PM: 1st award – Cinematography
■5:43 PM: Art Direction
■5:52 PM: Costume Design
■5:54 PM: Makeup
■6:03 PM: Foreign Language Film
■6:07 PM: Supporting Actress
■6:20 PM: Editing
■6:23 PM: Sound Editing
■6:26 PM: Sound Mixing
■6:33 PM: Cirque du Soleil performance
■6:37 PM: Documentary Feature
■6:41 PM: Animated Feature
■6:49 PM: Visual Effects
■6:53 PM: Supporting Actor
■7:04 PM: Score
■7:08 PM: Song (expect a possible Muppet surprise here)
■7:17 PM: Adapted Screenplay
■7:20 PM: Original Screenplay
■7:31 PM: Live Action Short
■7:34 PM: Documentary Short
■7:37 PM: Animated Short
■7:44 PM: Direction
■7:58 PM: In Memoriam
■8:07 PM: Best Actor
■8:15 PM: Best Actress
■8:27 PM: Best Picture
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