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Postby Zahveed » Thu Apr 30, 2009 8:31 am

As one of my all-time favorite films, I'm split down the middle on how to feel about this news. While I would be interested in knowing what story they go with (back in the 80's they were talking about a prequel and in the 90's it was Doom's return) but the use of CGI motion-capture just sounds forboding. I imagine they could still pull off traditional animation since even hand drawn works are done on computer systems now. I'm excited and scared at the prospect. Does anyone have a better understanding on how this technology works?

Zemeckis Developing Roger Rabbit Sequel?
Source: MTV April 30, 2009 via ComingSoon.net

MTV caught up with director Robert Zemeckis, who told the site he is interested in revisiting Who Framed Roger Rabbit. We received the following:

Talk of a "Roger Rabbit" sequel has been going on since the film originally hit theaters, but now it appears closer than ever. Speaking to MTV News this week, director Robert Zemeckis confirmed that he's been "buzzing" about bringing his twittery character back to the bigscreen.

"I'll tell you what is buzzing around in my head now that we have the ability—the digital tools, performance capture—I'm starting to think about 'Roger Rabbit,'" he told us.
"It's the least most of us can do, but less of us will do more."

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