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Postby Big Magilla » Mon Sep 29, 2008 5:30 am

I'm sorry to say I don't recall the scene, but the region 1 DVD is exactly as the film was shown in the U.S. and features commentary by Geraldine Chaplin which I haven't listened to which may explain the missing scene, if indeed it's missing. If it is, it might have something to do with music rights. In many instances, films released to TV and home video have to have their music rights re-negotiated and if the owner of the rights refuses or wants too much money, the song is usually replaced by something else, not cut out.

The song in question is "O let me weep, forever weep" and as used in the film is an old recording by 1950s British star, Jennifer Vivyan (1925-1974). It's on the CD of the score.That said, there was a Blockbuster edit of the film when it was first released on DVD because Blockbuster refused to carry films rated NC-17, but that hardly seems the kind of scene they would cut out.

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Postby sijmen » Mon Sep 29, 2008 2:42 am

This weekend I finally saw Almodovar's Talk to Her again on DVD. It was the first time I rewatched this film since its release in 2002 (when I absolutely adored the film)... And I noticed there was a scene missing!!!

I just want to check if someone else remembers the scene.

On the DVD version, Geraldine Chaplin talks about an idea for a choreography and puts on a CD with music. And then she leaves.

As I remember it: Before she leaves, Geraldine Chaplin puts on fascinating music from Purcell and talks about what moves her so much in that song.

Does someone remember that scene and is it on the dvd version you might have?

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