Feud: Ryan Murphy mentions Damien

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Feud: Ryan Murphy mentions Damien

Postby Cinemanolis » Sat Apr 01, 2017 11:08 am

From an article in Deadline, concerning the upcoming episode of "Feud" set during the 1963 Oscars

"Ryan Murphy said the idea for the episode began with his lifelong obsession with the Oscars, and especially a book called Inside Oscar written by Mason Wiley and Damien Bona (both now deceased), which goes into great juicy detail about each year’s race. Its subhead is “the unofficial history of the Oscars” because the Academy would never give them permission either. “This was always my favorite chapter of the book, which was the Joan and Bette year, because I just couldn’t believe that Joan Crawford did what she did. You know the idea that she would get permission from all those ladies to accept if they won and then would physically campaign against Bette Davis, even though it probably cost her a couple million dollars because they were profit participants in the film,” he said. It didn’t matter to her and she even showed up with Mamacita, the woman who worked for her and a lot of assistants who helped her turn the green room into her own private space, even installing a Pepsi machine because her husband had run the company and she was now on the board. “I literally had to look it up like three times to make sure that it was accurate when we started writing it, but she also literally dressed up as sort of a silver Oscar so that she could pull focus from the actual gold statuettes in case Bette Davis won,” he said incredulously."

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