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Categories One-By-One: Supporting Actor

Postby CalWilliam » Mon Feb 16, 2015 10:51 am

6 days left to the Oscars, and I have the urge for the acting categories. None of the five men nominated here are bad or bland, but this is a weak category in my opinion, and you know it's weak because of the lack of real competition (not lack of good performances), but I presume it was also a weak year for supporting actors in general.

Has ever been such an easy or unfailing victory as J. K. Simmons'? Of course each year there are lock categories, but I mean, I can't imagine anyone winning here but him.

Edward Norton or Ethan Hawke could be the upsets, but the former is not loved by the Academy (his two possible Oscars belong to Benigni and Gooding, Jr., my God), and we all know that Hawke is nominated because of the movie he is in, though he is good and very comfortable in his role.

Mark Ruffalo is the dark horse here, but he would be a worthy winner.

And Robert Duvall is utterly misplaced in this category. A total waste of a spot for a dreary and awful film. And the thought of him being his possible last nomination for this is really sad.
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