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Re: Categories One-By-One: Supporting Actress

Postby Reza » Tue Feb 11, 2014 1:39 pm

Before getting lost along the way this category was originally created to honor the likes of the Fay Bainters, the Hattie McDaniels, the Anne Reveres, the Ethel Barrymores and yes, the June Squibbs.

Nebraska deserves wins in a number of categories but it would be great to see June Squibb grab the gold.

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Re: Categories One-By-One: Supporting Actress

Postby mlrg » Tue Feb 11, 2014 1:12 pm

As I’ve written in other posts, I think Lupita gives the weakest performance of the four that I’ve seen (still haven’t seen Nebraska). But she will eventually win.

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Categories One-By-One: Supporting Actress

Postby dws1982 » Tue Feb 11, 2014 12:48 pm

Roberts getting nominated here is one of those blogger things that Mister Tee (and others) so frequently complains about. The bloggers decided, almost as soon as she was cast, that she would be a Supporting Actress nominee despite the fact that her character was a lead in a the play, and a lead in the movie as well. But that didn't really matter…this Julia Roberts for Supporting Actress thing was set in stone early, and all of those critics groups who like to release their "nominees" fell right in line with this, as did the Broadcasters, Globes, SAG, and now Oscar. I don't see her having any shot at all. The movie isn't well-liked and it totally underperformed in terms awards recognition. Roberts is just so dour and humorless in August, and so miscast, that I just don't see her gaining any traction.

I don't really see Sally Hawkins being affected by the Woody Allen controversy, mainly because she's such an outside shot anyway. Maybe in another lineup, in another year, she might have a better shot, but I really feel like she's a coattail nominee, carried along by the Best Actress frontrunner. (I do think she's good in the film, and I don't have a problem with her nomination.) June Squibb gives Nebraska a lot of energy and life--she really stands out because so many of the other characters are so recessive and repressed. I would put her in a solid third, but I would be pretty shocked if she won. She has lots of good lines, but the role is on the smallish side (certainly compared to outright leads who get nominated here) and Nebraska, despite several nominations, just hasn't caught on the way was expected to.

If Jennifer Lawrence hadn't won last year, would anyone bet against her this year? I doubt it. I'm a bit torn--she seems like the logical winner: Popular actress in a popular movie that isn't likely to win a lot of other awards. She won some major critics awards. But dammit, she's 23 and she won last year, and everybody knows that. I just can't see voters getting past that.

Lupita Nyong'o seems to be very slightly in the lead. I think she's been helped out by the fact that she's played the awards game really well--she's always been very charming and very grateful in her acceptance speeches, and there's been lots of talk about how beautiful she is, and how awesome she looks at every awards ceremony. Nyong'o is definitely one of the "stories" of the Oscar season. Plus, she's in a Best Picture nominee that may not win a lot of other awards, and I think fans of 12 Years a Slave will know that the film has a decent shot in this category. Will that be enough to put her over the top? I think yes, but I'd be open to other thoughts.

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